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We are a diverse group of family doctors, nurses and a physician assistant who are committed to providing excellence in healthcare.


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Flu Shots
In order to maintain social distancing and remain compliant with Public Health and OMA guidelines, we will be scheduling appointments for the flu clinic this year.  If you feel you are high risk, please contact the office to book an appointment as the high dose supply is limited.  Please be aware that pharmacies are also offering flu clinics this year.  Our high dose clinic will begin at the end of October and the regular flu clinic will start the second week of November 2020,  You must schedule an appointment to receive the flu vaccine.

If you have had your flu shot at another location, please let your doctor’s assistant know.

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To Book an appointment please contact our appointment desk at 905-655-3321. This is for current patients of Brooklin Medical Centre only.
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Contact reception   reception@secure.brooklinmedical.com
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Important Update about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Mar 03, 2020

Please read our Important Notice about 2019 Novel Coronavirus

May 26, 2021
Message regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine

Dear Pateints,

On May 21, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health announced that people who received their first dose of the AstraZeneca {AZ) vaccine between March 10 and March 19 may choose to get their second doses of the vaccine starting Monday, May 24 and up until May 31, 2021.
There is still a pause on the AZ vaccine as a first dose, announced on May 11.
Here is more information, including options right now, for those of you who received a first dose of the AZ vaccine.

What are my options for my second dose if I received one dose of AZ?

1. If you received your first dose of AZ between March 10 and 19, you may choose to get vaccinated during the week of May 24 through 31 with a shortened 10-week interval between doses. If you do not wish for a shortened dose interval, you can wait to receive a second AZ dose at the 12-week interval. For those wishing the earlier second dose at the 10-week interval, please contact the location where you received your first dose to book an appointment for your second dose.
2. If proven to be safe and effective, you may choose to wait to have a second dose with one of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) at a 16-week interval (see more information below on what we know about the evidence for mixing and matching vaccines).
3. For anyone vaccinated from March 20 onwards, or those vaccinated between March 10-19 who wish to have a 12-week interval between AZ doses, please stay tuned. Further details will be provided soon
by the Ministry of Health on booking second doses.

Please review this consent form in the meantime for more information on options for a second dose. You can also call us to discuss the benefits and risks if you have additional questions.
What is the best interval between getting my AZ shots?
Clinical trials showed that AZ works best when the two doses are spread out by at least 12 weeks –
estimated at over 80% protection against symptomatic disease versus an estimated 69% when given
between nine and 12 weeks. Your personal circumstances, including COVID-19 prevalence in your
community and your risk of being infected by the people around you, should be a consideration in your

Is it safe to get the AZ vaccine as a second dose?

  • The AZ vaccine is approved by Health Canada.
  • We know that a second dose provides greater and significant protection than one dose alone against serious illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19.
  • The risk of a serious blood clot (VITT) associated with the second dose of the AZ vaccine is currently estimated at approximately 1 in 600,000, based on data from the United Kingdom. If/when you receive the AZ vaccine, know the signs of the associated rare blood clots because it can be best treated if addressed early. Please reach out to our office or seek emergency care if you have the warning symptoms.

Is it safe to get a different brand of vaccine as my second dose?
There is no published data so far on the effectiveness of mixing and matching different vaccine brands, but a large clinical trial is underway with results anticipated in June 2021. The early data looking at side effects in the first few days show that mixing doses results in more significant side effects but not severe enough to land people in hospital.
Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization is expected to make recommendations based on these findings in the upcoming weeks.

Where can I get updates?
We will update you as soon as we have the information. You can also check the provincial and our local public health unit websites.
Please remember – our office is open to you, by phone, by video or in-person to answer any vaccination questions. We are here to help keep you safe and get through this pandemic together.


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About Us & What We Do

The Brooklin Medical Centre provides care to members of the Brooklin community and surrounding area. Our family physicians provide family medical services, hormone therapy and a number of minor procedures, ranging from newborn circumcision to mole removal. These services are provided to current registered patients of the clinic.



Family Medicine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

The term “physical” is often used to describe wellness care. However, a traditional, head-to-toe physical has not been shown to lower your risk of illness or injury. At your wellness visit, our health care team will take a health history and provide several other services:

  • Screenings to detect depression, risk for falling and other problems
  • A limited physical exam to check your blood pressure, weight, vision and other things depending on your age, gender and level of activity
  • Recommendations for other wellness services and healthy lifestyle changes

These preventative health visits do not often deal with new health problems; typically, new problems should be addressed at a separate visit with appropriate time to assess the issues properly. Please let our scheduling staff know if you need the doctor’s help with a new health problem. We may need to schedule a separate appointment.



For adults 65 and older: For the 2019-2020 season, adults over 65 years of age are recommended to have the High Dose flu vaccine. The High Dose flu vaccine is only available in doctor’s offices, and not available at the pharmacy. We now have the High Dose flu vaccine available – please call the office to book an appointment with our nurse.

For adults under 65, and children 5 years and older: We currently have a limited supply of regular flu vaccines; as a result, we recommend you visit a pharmacy for your flu vaccine. We should receive additional supply in a few weeks, and will be able to offer the flu vaccine in our office at that time. **High risk individuals are strongly encouraged to get their flu vaccine; high risk includes: people with heart or lung disease, diabetes, cancer, immunosuppression and pregnant women.**

For children 4 and under: We currently have a limited supply of regular flu vaccines; as a result, we will prioritize administration to children 4 and under, who are unable to receive a flu vaccine at the pharmacy – please call the office to book an appointment with our nurse.

Registration and Booking
New patients can call to book an appointment with an available physician as a ‘meet and greet’. If the physician and the patient agree that the clinic is  appropriate for their care, enrollment forms are signed. Patients booked for the initial appointment are NOT considered part of the practice. Health records are not to be transferred into our possession until after the intake is completed.

Registered patients can book:
by phone, during business hours, by calling 905-655-3321